Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IKEA Catalogue 2009 - Out Now!

Thank goodness because I think Ive almost managed to buy one of everything from the 2008 catalogue!

I really am addicted to IKEA (I shop there about twice a month and my home is a shrine to the Swedish Gods) and not surprisingly, their latest catalogue doesn't disappoint.

Make sure you grab a copy in-store or browse online at www.ikea.com

There's even a couple of pages dedicated to
'Small Business, Big Ideas' but I'm sure you'll find loads of inspiration for your office or workplace amongst the 376 pages of delectable IKEA goodness.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Spot On has been absolutely flat out this winter and we're not the only ones!

van Riet are full steam ahead with all their new developments (stay tuned for updates!), Sport Compact Group are going as strong as ever with the latest Jamboree, we're about to unveil a new project from GTD Shipping & Distribution and Stonestreet's Coaches have a new website coming soon.

We have a few more top secret projects in the works but you'll have to check back soon to find out more.

As they say, there's no rest for the wicked!

Make sure to drop by www.spotongraphicdesign.com.au for more on what we've been up to.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Client Spotlight: Coast2CoastShipping.com

The newest addition to Spot On Graphic Design’s web design and development portfolio is Coast2CoastShipping.com.

With bases in the United States and Australia, Coast2CoastShipping.com is an import/export business with a twist. They’ll not only import or export your product, but they’ll organise the complete sourcing or full distribution of your product.

So if you are a US company looking to move into the international sector, consider GTD to get you there. GTD specializes in Shipping, Sales and Marketing to guarantee that your product will be properly packed, shipped, advertised, distributed and most importantly sold abroad.

Client Spotlight: Belly Bulge Maternity

Belly Bulge Maternity is one of Spot On’s latest web design projects. Take a look at their gorgeous new website, showcasing their range of designer maternity wear.

The Belly Bulge design philosophy is simple: sexy, feminine but practical.

Stretchy, soft-feel fabrics, attention to cut and detail and trans-seasonal styling are qualities I believe are important to make sure you get the most wear from our clothes.

You can wear Belly Bulge garments right through your pregnancy…. and you won’t want to part with these clothes after your bundle of joy arrives… because you’ll turn heads in Belly Bulge even when not pregnant!

Client Spotlight: Baby BeeHinds

Baby BeeHinds is one of Spot On Graphic Design’s newest clients. This is a half page ad that we’ve developed for their magazine advertising.

Baby BeeHinds™ are specialists in modern nappy options. They pride themselves on providing easy to use, reliable, luxurious nappies all with the customer service you deserve! Check out their fabulous range- they’ve got your baby’s beehind covered!

Baby BeeHinds- All Your Nappy Needs!

Search Engine Optimisation: What can Spot On Graphic Design do for you?

So what can Spot On Graphic Design do for the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website? In a nut shell, we do the most we can do without you having to spend an extra cent. We build the cost of SEO into our standard website rate, and to be honest, what we do is quite a lot.

Let’s break it down in point form so you can quickly get the facts:

  • We design your website with SEO in mind
  • We encourage and suggest content that is not only compelling to your website’s visitors, but also meaningful to a search engine’s ‘crawlers’
  • We suggest other websites that can help draw traffic to your website, helping to increase your website’s rank
  • We build your website optimised from the ground up. To us, SEO is not the second phase of your website. It’s part of the website development process.

Now, what we don’t offer is a guarantee. The ‘guarantees’ are for companies that charge a fee to get your site ranked up high - and rightly so. If you feel you’ve already done as much as you can on your website, we know the right people to talk to about that as well! Just ask us.

For more information on getting Spot On Graphic Design to help with your website, talk to us today.

Spot On can now shoot your product photos!

While we realise that simply owning a digital camera does not make you a professional photographer, we can still fill the gap between digital images taken at home and a full-on professional photo shoot for your product line.

We’ve just added the Canon 40D to our semi-pro studio so ask us about our product photography services via our website. We plan on adding some samples to the website very soon.

We also work with a couple of brilliant photographers, so if you do have the need for a professional shoot, just ask us!